Measure What Matters!

Join Kyle Hedman of 2 Bulls in a China Shop, Rich Friesen of Mind Muscles for Traders, and Joel, Perdue and Bear Goes Long as they complete the Trader's Compass Assessment developed by Rich.

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Your results will show you exactly where you are on your journey to becoming a consistently profitable trader.

You'll be able to see what is standing in your way and where you need to make changes to your trading process for maximum improvement.

Make a real change.

First, find out where you are on your path to trading success.

Complete your Trading Compass Assessment:

There is no charge for this Assessment and Analysis. You can and should do it several times, at different stages of your trading career. 

Then, use the Mind Metrics app to track your daily progress:

Trader Mindset

Trader mindset is much more than simply being more disciplined.
You will discover how to quantify your internal state by expanding awareness of your sensations, emotions and thoughts within the Mind Metrics application.
 Mind Metrics will show you daily exactly where your issues are, where you are making progress and where to focus your attention.
Image showing Mind Metrics spreadsheet

Pearson’s Law: “When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported back, the rate of improvement accelerates.”

Find out more about Mind Metrics here:

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Your Hosts and the Traders:  

Photo of Kyle Hedman, founder of 2 Bulls in a China Shop and
Kyle Hedman -Trader

Kyle is a self-employed trader, and co-host of the 2 Bulls in a China Shop podcast. His trading strategies include futures, swing and options trades, with a focus on chart analysis. He began his journey to becoming a full-time trader with an investment mindset and the goal of early retirement from his career. 

Photo of Richard Friesen, founder of the Mind Muscles Academy and author of "A Private Conversation with Money".
Rich Friesen - Trader Coach

Founder of the Mind Muscles Academy, Rich has worked as a broker, floor trader, financial software developer and entrepreneur. He built one of the most consistently profitable options and equities trading firms on the Pacific exchange, training traders to trade for his firm. Rich also has a masters in clinical psychology.

Photo of Joel, a participant in the Trader Assessment exercise on 2 Bulls podcast with Rich Friesen
Joel -Trader

Joel started trading options in 2018 and futures trading in September 2020. Right now he trades both futures and options.

Photograph of Perdue, a participant in the Trader Assessment exercise on 2 Bulls podcast with Rich Friesen
Mike -Trader

Mike started trading equities in 2018. He discovered futures during the COVID years during which he realized he was much better at trading futures than equities. Mike is trading futures and options exclusively at the moment.

Screenshot of Bear Goes Long, a participant in the Trader Assessment exercise on 2 Bulls podcast with Rich Friesen
Bear Goes Long! -Trader

A trader and investor, Bear Goes Long has traded options and futures, with a focus futures for the last 2 years.