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 Rogerio Amado

Strategy and Performance


Rogerio Amado works with financial professionals and independent traders who want to find their best edge to make consistent profits. With in depth experience as a Futures, Stocks, and Forex trader, he brings concrete real world experience to his students and clients.

With an Engineering background and a Masters in Business Administration from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth (New Hampshire, USA), Rogerio has a deep understanding of financial markets from both an academic and a practical perspective. His knowledge and trading experience includes fundamental, technical, and order flow analysis.

" I was very impressed with the recent webinar. Rogerio's strategy explanations were so clear and uncomplicated. I have been trading for years (in my spare time), but always at an eventual loss... I think I have turned the corner now to be absolutely more selective in my trades... I loved the charting setup, and great to see just the bare minimum of indicators. It was nice, clean and fresh."

- Stephen W., S&P 500 futures trader, UK.

"I have found working with Rogerio to be a co-creative and rewarding experience. Armed with incisive questions and a talent for breaking down processes into measurable components, he offers insightful solutions. His sharp analytical mind, generous heart and respectful feedback combine to clarify the steps to the goal."

- M.W., S&P 500 futures trader, Texas, USA