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I am considering a follow up course to the Conversations with Money Beta, with 8 weekly live meetings using webcams.

In each live session we will address one of the mind traps that keep us from the success we all want. This course is for those who are willing to be fully engaged, experience the exercises and play with the homework. 

Conversations with Money ebook by Rich Friesen

You'll get a free copy of my book before it is published, as well as the opportunity to contribute to it's content and build upon the foundation the Beta members laid. Enrollment fee? $274. 

Interested? We will be starting the eight sessions on April 30 at 6:00 PM ET and meet weekly on Tuesdays at that time. (Go here for your time zone)

Use the form below to let me know that this is of interest. No commitment. When we get enough interest, I will contact you with more information so you can see if this makes sense for you.

In case you missed them, I'll post the exercises mentioned in the webinar as well.

Money is how trading success, and most other types of success, are measured.

I almost never have a client with the problem of greater and greater success. However after they resolve their trading issues that they perceive to be the problem, then they hit the larger issue... their relationship with money and success.

That’s right... the problem is not the problem. Most traders are unaware of the real limits they have put on themselves. Their past trading behaviors prevent them from getting to the point where they can even discover the real issue that keeps them from their dreams of success.

Often a trader’s equity curve shows slow and steady gains, and then a sudden steep loss. Do you recognize this pattern in yourself? After several winning trades, or profitable days or weeks, suddenly your trading behavior changes and you give back what you have earned the hard way, and in a short amount of time.

What drives this expensive trading behavior and equity curve pattern? In my experience with my traders and coaching clients over the years, it is triggered by success itself and our relationship to money.

Trading has one success metric, and one metric alone - MONEY! If our relationship with wealth, money and success is tainted at all, it impacts our upside potential.

Use the form below to let me know if this would be of interest to you: