Upcoming Events

Bitcoin Alpha and Beta Testing Opportunities

I am starting to put together a small Alpha group to research and develop ideas about trading Bitcoin. It will involve a lot of online meetings! Go here to find out more about the Bitcoin Traders Cooperative, or sign up for the Bitcoin/cryptocurrency list below if you just want to be kept abreast of this opportunity at this time.

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Information Group

Free for anyone interested in following or trading Bitcoin futures and options. Go here to join the list.

Courses open for Enrollment

The next Pathfinder 90 Day Trader Transformation Plan will be in 2018. Click here for more information.

Live Seminars and Workshops

Live Classes

Pathfinder Live Classes are every Tuesday at 4:30 PM New York time for Pathfinder Members. The next course starts January 16, so please register here to reserve your space.

Trader Tribe Master Mind Group meetings

The Master Mind Group meets every Thursday at 4:30 PM New York time. All Mind Muscles Academy alumni are eligible to join these weekly sessions where we expand our Master Trader’s mindset. It’s important you have a grounding in Mind Muscles training and Mind Metrics so you can support and be supported by other successful traders.