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Strategy Development Workshop: A Simple 3D Approach for Successful Trading

If you can’t consistently execute your strategy, maybe it’s not your mindset.

We have traders at the Mind Muscles Academy who have tested their strategies a thousand different ways and their strategies keep coming up very profitable.

However…they have a set of fears that prevent consistent execution. Sometimes, working with their fears, they are off and running very quickly.

BUT…what about the traders whose strategies, well, to be blunt…suck?

Their strategies are not clear, they present big risks, they are complicated and have shifted so much with time it is hard to know if they are even profitable. We can work on the mindset issues until we are blue in the face, and it doesn’t matter.

To address this issue, we are starting our first strategy workshop on how to build and execute your trading strategy with confidence. Go here for more information.

Trader Tribe Master Mind Group meetings

The Master Mind Group meets every Thursday at 4:30 PM New York time. All Mind Muscles Academy alumni are eligible to join these weekly sessions where we expand our Master Trader’s mindset. It’s important you have a grounding in Mind Muscles training and Mind Metrics so you can support and be supported by other successful traders. Go here to join.