Extreme Events

Extreme Events - the Foundation

My “Extreme Events” blog was prescient.

Given the recent market activity, I reviewed a post, “Extreme Events” that I originally published in February of 2018. With hindsight, this blog looks even better now.

The fear of extreme events leaves us confused and lost. We don’t know what to do and we fear making a major mistake with so much at stake. So our brains shut down. So how do we Master Extreme Events, and even benefit?

By playing a game that allows us to create multiple scenarios ahead of time and build a creative response process that creates confidence and action without hesitation.

By joining a community of supportive players, you will move to a higher level of clarity.

Develop confidence for your lifetime. Play the game for the current Extreme Event and learn how this game will give your mind the ability to improve your response with increased “Black Swan” events.

Learn How To Play The Game! This game is an opportunity for traders, investors, business people and entrepreneurs to make the most of each potenti al future.

You will be better prepared for both positive and negative Black Swan events. We will use Monte Carlo type simulations to create a wide range of possible futures and most importantly, prepare your mind and actions to take advantage of each potential.

You will also have access to the companion an online course that you can review at your own convenience.

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