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Guided Visualizations for Traders

What are Guided Visualizations, and how do you use them for trading?

A Guided Visualization is a process of creating a mental image and experiencing the impact of that image viscerally with your physical sensations, your emotions and your thoughts as they emerge from within that created mindset.

To be sure we are clear, our visualizations are NOT about manifesting, wishing, hoping or just fantasizing about a better future.

It is about preparing all parts of ourselves to accept and create the future we build.

Here is a short video where Emily Cook of the United States freestyle ski team visualizes each aerial jump as part of her training.

Professional sports people from motorcycle racers to football players use this technique to perfect their game. We have pioneered a guided visualization program specifically to help traders improve their trading results. 

Guided visualizations are not an instantaneous fix to problems that have taken a lifetime to entrench. Instead, they build a new trading mindset incrementally, with results you can actually measure.

Martin S., Trader, USA

I have done all of them. The introduction with Wendi (she has such a great voice) I did the first time in 2013 in Paris, I remember it VERY well, to this day I remember the spot on the wall. I especially like the trading temple and the master traders home. They clearly address two of my issues and allow for a great experience that can be shaped and re-lived over and over again. I will definitely use these recordings in my journey. Thank you so much!!"

Included in the Guided Visualizations set:


When we experience pain or trauma, we actually relive the experience, embedding and automating the neural connections even further. This helped us survive a dangerous world, but sabotages our consistent trading. Guided visualizations create a reality for all parts of our brain, including the survival mechanisms which trigger behaviors inconsistent with a successful trading career.


Traders become so focused on their trading frustrations, struggles and mistakes that they are not able to easily envision a state of mastery and success. The trader needs to experience success...before the reality of success. We create a visualization of success, allowing our survival brain to fully integrate this state and feel safe with the success, allowing us to solve our trading issues FROM the state of success, rather than from the state of struggle.


As traders, we want to react quickly to market setups. We have our survival responses that can act ten times faster than our neocortex, our thinking brain. We often trade from impulse under the delusion that our impulses are intuition. This Guided Visualization enables us to be fully present to the market AS IT IS, able to tap into the powerful pattern recognition abilities of our brains without the distortions of our bias and mind traps.


Our brains are designed to deliver large amounts of pain when we experience loss, leading to discouragement and self-doubt. In sports, our heroes miss game-losing baskets, they throw interceptions, they strike out in the 9th inning...over and over again. Yet our sports heroes maintain a winning mindset. This visualization gives you the experience of intense loss and then, intentionally, to step into your sport heroes mindset.


There are often parts of ourselves that aren’t comfortable with creating wealth as a trader. It just doesn’t fit all the moral expectations of hard work that are part of our growing up. This guided visualization speaks of the reverence we can have with our chosen career as a trader, freeing us up to be both good people AND successful traders.

Trusting the process, honoring my heritage


Feel great about making profits with ease and enjoying the fruits of your labor. This GV gives you permission to both take care of your financial future and to manage the risk inherent in trading. It finishes by honoring those who have worked to make our life and career possible.


These guided visualizations create a reality for all parts of our brain, including the survival mechanisms. When we can clearly visualize our state of mind while trading, act on our beliefs in the visualization, and when the visualization feels better than our current reality, then we can get the support of all parts of our brain. We can repeat these visualizations until they do in fact become our reality.

Ray F., Trader, USA

...I hope you don't mind that I mentioned the sound track you created about awareness. I thought it was important because I noticed such a profound difference after a few weeks using it. Initially when I started the exercises All I could see / hear were thoughts- Now it seems I can bring clear anytime on demand.

Its the most amazing thing that I never knew. I have walked through that doorway a lot now LOL. Anyway that audio you created is the best and I wanted to let people know how important at least I think it is :0