Change your trading results  using the power of neuroscience and trading psychology.

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I can help you get your trading back on track.

Trading is one of the most challenging, exhilarating and rewarding careers you can choose.

 And when I say challenging, I mean challenging right down to the core of your identity.

This is because our brains were created to help us survive a hostile physical environment. As a result, our brains are “hard-wired” to react in ways that don’t serve us well in our journey to becoming consistently profitable independent professional traders.

Because of how the human brain is wired, most independent traders experience many of the same painful issues on their journey to becoming consistently successful.

It takes most traders years to stumble upon the specific keys to long term success. Instead of experiencing the joy of executing a winning strategy most traders instead experience the pain of:

1. Taking profits too quickly
2. Not having a clear strategy
3. Not executing a winning strategy properly
4. Struggling to gain the confidence to get to the “next level”
5. Over-trading after a winning streak

How do I know all this?

I went from being called the worst trainee trader ever, to successful market veteran, successfully trading positions worth tens of millions of dollars.

I built my own trading firm which became one of the most consistently successful firms on the Options floor, trained the traders I employed to be consistently profitable and make me money, and even held a position on the board of the Pacific Exchange.

I have coached independent professional traders and investors, hedge fund managers and floor traders.

I know what it takes to achieve consistent market success.

These major problems that show up in client after client and survey after survey, reflect the same core issue:

Trading with real money triggers the primitive, reactive part of our brain. We HAVE to build a Trader's Mindset, or we will fail.

As a result we feel impatient, lack the confidence we need, trade impulsively, revenge trade, get discouraged, are fearful or angry, and feel anxiety as we increase the size of our trades.

Sound familiar?

This primitive neurological and physiological cocktail wipes out our ability to be “disciplined” and to execute our trades properly, which often results in profitable gains taken away in a short period of time with a string of losses.


I'll say it again: discipline is not the answer. The problem is that as we move forward on our path to success, we may get most of it right and still get waylaid by one or two variables we are not aware of.

As a result, we change gurus, strategies, indicators, asset classes and time frames in search of success. Each change brings a new wave of variables that undermine our efforts.

Trading is like a complex juggling act. We need to get everything right, all at the same time.

Get off the hamster wheel. Learn to trade with confidence in yourself and your long term capabilities. Most traders on the path to consistent profitability want to stop fighting their own brain. They want to find a path to building profitable trading where they:

1. Learn to select strategies for each market profile and have the confidence to execute it well

2. Maintain trading success with increased size of trades

3. Discover and build their personal trading ability and long term trading “edge”.

Do you want the peace of mind that comes with the ability to shift your focus from the results of the last trade to the long term results that show up in profitable monthly brokerage statements and year end tax returns?

Do you want to overcome the myths, biases and mind traps that sneak up on you and end a powerful winning streak? Do you want the fear of loss replaced by the satisfaction of success?

If so, the solution is to change your mind. No, LITERALLY change your mind - by building new Mind Muscles™.

Imagine if you had a list of all the responses you need to become the successful trader you want to be.

What if you had a specific exercise that was laser focused to produce the best response under pressure of market activity for each response?

Mind Muscles™ creates simulations that give you the ability to exercise and grow specific Mind Muscles™. These simulations stretch you to places you would not naturally be inclined to stretch. Each Mind Muscle™ simulation is designed to get you to where you want to go.

Much like commercial airline pilots who use simulators to learn to manage a number of challenging flight environments, Mind Muscles™ simulators give you a low risk environment to create different personal experiences and find successful results.

Just like the pilot who successfully manages a difficult gusty crosswind landing time after time in a flight simulator, the structured environment of a Mind Muscles™ simulator allows the creation and strengthening of profitable trading behaviors that create the confidence to execute a winning strategy, maintain success with increased capital and strengthen your long term trading edge.

Mind Muscles™ Academy is the only trader training that focuses on that critical moment of behavior change.

As you read these words however, your real world experience or a voice in your head may tell you that most training programs fail.

This is correct.

They fail for a number of reasons, but most training fails because the process does not recognize basic brain functioning and change requirements.

Neuroscience has taught us a lot about our internal decision and behavior processes in the last decade and we can now take advantage of what we have learned.

We believe that behavioral change is best accomplished by behavioral change.

What this syllogism means is that you don’t know where the land mines are, the fears, the protective reactions until the change is experienced.

So we create simulations that allow our clients to experience new behaviors that allow them to uncover their own subconscious programming. Once uncovered, our clients often experience a new behavior and discover that

1) it feels better in the moment;
2) it better aligns with who they are and
3) it gets them to their goals.

Just like a pilot learns to fly a new aircraft in a simulator before he manages the risk with passengers, we create simulations that allow our clients to play with multiple responses to discover the most optimal action.

Like a pilot landing a simulated aircraft with strong gusty crosswinds on an icy runway with one engine out, our clients learn to manage markets in emotional extremes - while others panic.

We want to give you the ability to move from recognition of these issues and knowing what you “should do” to an expansion of your ability to act clearly and decisively.

We want you to thrive not only as a trader but as a human being, standing proud in these uncertain economic times.

The major benefit of this program is that you will have a choice. Our job is to frame out that choice as clearly as possible and focus your attention on that moment of decision with real-time awareness.

Bringing you to that point of choice with real-time awareness allows you to engage the parts and voices that stop you from getting what you want from your trading career. They allow you to integrate the forgotten parts of yourself so you can move forward eagerly.

The major power of the Mind Muscles™ Academy training is giving you the ability to take charge of your trading consciously.

Because we bring you to the point of choice at each step of the way, you will reduce the need for raw “discipline power” and increase the ability to move forward decisively.

As a result, you will become more consistent in your trading decision process and execution. This will result in a greater comfort with a long term steady profit profile.

The new results will increase your feeling of both peace and power as you move to becoming a consistently profitable independent professional trader.

Imagine what it will feel like to stop fighting your brain, to create new trading abilities that feel better and meet your trading goals.

Imagine losing those negative subconscious mind traps that limit your success. Imagine moving from a simulated account to a real account and increasing your trading size with the same relaxed attitude.

Imagine the confidence in yourself as you expand your personal skills and trading edge. Feel your new joy as you lock in your new skills.

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