Imagine a library of books, periodicals, videos and magazines piled high from floor to ceiling. Imagine each item being a gem, a find....

Inner Circle

Imagine walking into a library with books, articles, magazines and videos stacked everywhere.

These are the best of the best. There are clear sections, but everything you pick up is the discovery of a gem. Everything in this library is here because it personally made a positive impact on Mind Muscles Academy founder Richard Friesen.

Sections include: Addiction, Brain Biases, Books that support your master trader expansion, Economics, Politics – Healing our Political Divide, Managing risk and reward, Mental Meta Structures and Thinking Processes, Sexuality and Relationships, Success, Trading Mistakes, Trading Fundamentals, Technicals and Strategy, Master Mind development, Transformation – Creating the life we want.


Note: Copyrighted material that we do not own nor have permission to distribute is not published within the Inner Circle, but rather is listed along with information on where it can be obtained from the authors or their agents.