Products and Services - Mind Muscles for Traders

The shortest, most reliable route to Consistently Profitable Trading is to build a Master Trader's Mindset and an effective trading strategy.

The following tools and services are designed to move you towards your trading goals in a logical, step by step progression:

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Private Trader Coaching

Welcome to an accelerated path to trading consistency. The private coaching relationship is also a personal relationship, thus selecting a coach should be like building any other relationship, building trust one step at a time.

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Master Mind Group trader to trader sessions

Mindset Mastery Group Weekly Meetings

Weekly no holds barred group sessions with Rich, where your progress and trading issues are tracked and measured in a supportive atmosphere. This is available to you if you've completed a Compass, Explorer, Pathfinder or Boot Camp course in the past, so that you are familiar with the Mind Muscles methods. Please check your course dashboard  for more information.

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Traders Compass self guided course

Traders Compass 2.0

A lean, mean self guided course born out of Pathfinder and Explorer. We show how you can accomplish your trading goals by expanding your personal power and rapport with yourself and the market. We replace reactive emotional trading with personal awareness, acceptance and new actions that support consistent execution which in turn results in growing consistent profits.

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Rich Friesen pioneered a guided visualization program specifically to help traders improve their trading results

Guided Visualizations

Professional sports people from motorcycle racers to football players use this technique to perfect their game. We have pioneered a guided visualization program specifically to help traders improve their trading results. Guided visualizations are not an instantaneous fix to problems that have taken a lifetime to entrench! Instead, they build a new trading mindset incrementally, with results you can actually measure.

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