Image of Faina and Louise of Trading in the ZEN Podcast

Rich talks to Trading in the ZEN about Trader Psychology and Mindset

Faina and Louise from Trading in the Zen Podcast discuss trading psychology and trader mindset with Rich Friesen

Hosted by Louise Nonweiler and Faina Vitebsky, the Trading in the ZEN podcast was created to help traders find their groove. Trading is more than just numbers and probabilities. It’s a state of mind. Like athletes, successful traders train mind, body, and soul.

Both women are passionate, with a drive for trading and success!

In this episode: Changing the Game of TRADING With Richard Friesen

Louise Nonweiler is a Trading Psychology Expert and multi award-winning clinical hypnotherapist and life coach. She is also the the founder of Hypnosis for Traders and the creator of the Trading Mindset Programme (TMP). Her passion for helping traders and successfully overcome their mindset and emotional challenges as traders, has been proven for almost a decade.

Faina Vitebsky is a full-time futures trader, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. She has dedicated the last 7 years to honing her craft and creating a a winning strategy. Faina believes that there is so much more to trading than just numbers and probabilities; like an athlete, a trader should operate in their peak state.

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