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Your step by step guide to trading mastery.

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What is stealing your success?

Do you experience any of the following repeating trading patterns that steal your success?

  • Fear of pulling the trigger
  • Letting losses build
  • Cutting winners short
  • Impulse trades
  • Revenge trades
  • Ruled by emotions
  • Jumping from system to system
  • Low strategy confidence
  • Afraid to lose money
  • Make it slowly, give it away quickly
  • Need to be right
  • Anger at the market
  • Missing good trades
  • Over trading
  • Stress
  • Feeling stuck
  • Lack of discipline
  • Self sabotage

What would your P&L look like with none of those issues?

What if none of those issues were repeated? 

Please pause for a moment to consider the answer.

These problems that boil down to your trader mindset, drive costly behaviors. Mind Metrics Rocket Launch is the next step to creating a profitable mindset. The Mind Muscles Academy approaches all these symptomatic trading behaviors with solutions by resolving core issues.

What will this course do for me?

We show you how you can accomplish your trading goals by expanding your personal power and rapport with yourself and the market.

We replace reactive, emotional trading with personal awareness, acceptance and new actions that support consistent execution, which in turn results in growing, consistent profits.

Through this training you will finally be able to free yourself from the constant self-doubt and vacillation that distracts so many traders on their journey.

You will have a clear and concise plan that tells you exactly where you are going and precise steps that you need to take to get there. 

What's inside the bundle?

Trader's Compass 3.0

Trader's Compass 3.0

The Compass course took everything we learned in the live Bootcamps, and distilled it into an online course.

Over 90% of traders lose money consistently, or blow out at least one trading account. Few trading courses give more than lip service to "trader psychology". It is a common practice among traders to look for the next guru, course, trading room or holy grail strategy instead of looking honestly and fearlessly at WHY they're not getting the results they want.

You can have a great trading strategy that you know very well, but if you have unresolved mindset issues, chances are you will eventually sabotage your own success. 

No matter your level of experience, if you experience less than optimum results, leave money on the table, sometimes give your profits back, find yourself deviating from your trading plan for no good reason, then yes - Compass can help you expand your mental game and ultimately, your bottom line.

"Rich, I just want to let you know that I am blown away with your materials in the Compass course. And, I know that this is only the tip of the iceberg. I've started the SET Awareness form yesterday and it stopped me from taking an impulsive trade this morning. What an amazing tool!!! I just want to pass this on to you...I know it's still early in the stage of this life-long journey. But, boy, this is exciting."

- Marcos S..

Lesson 1: S.E.T and The Golden Keys

Problem: When many traders are at the beginning of their journey to success, they focus on everything but their own internal mindset. Their own decision process is buried in the search for new indicators, strategies, gurus, and more. However, their own internal processes continue to thwart them with each external change, creating frustration and disappointment with no clear path to make the changes that matter.

Solution: This section gives you a set of clear exercises and frameworks to move to real time awareness of your internal trader mindset and processes. It re-frames how you incorporate your physical sensations, your emotions and the quality of your thoughts into real-time awareness of your internal state as you are trading

Lesson 2: Lousy and Lucrative Trading

Problem: Neuroscience tells us our brains deliver twice as much pain for a given loss in comparison to the amount of pleasure we receive from a gain of the same size. The pain of loss becomes its own pattern, creating fear of execution, premature exits and increasing risk to put off dealing with the painful losses

Solution: We can't control the market activity and the resulting profits or losses, but we can control all the trading behaviors that create consistent trading execution with an edge. We learn to re-frame our thinking about loss, and to create satisfaction with our trading behavior and process, interrupting the brain cycle of loss and pain and replacing it with pride and confidence.

Lesson 3: Building Your Routine

Problem: Both the trader's internal processes and the markets behaviors are complex adaptive systems. Traders bring their internal variables to a marketplace that is uncertain and also has its own variables. All these variables are so complex that the trader tends to create simplification where there is none, out of sheer exhaustion.

Solution: We can reduce the variables by bringing a stable consistent mental platform to the game. By creating routines that support our highest trading self, we can then handle the variables of the market place from a stable mindset.

Lesson 4: Nemes to Dreams

Problem: From infancy to adulthood we have been handed hard-wired brain processes that may have been the best survival choices we had when growing up, but don't serve our trading success. Our name for these processes, both innate and created, are NEMES, or Neuro Meta Structures. Since trading is a statistical game, these survival processes defeat our intention of developing consistent trading behaviors that lead to consistent and growing profits.

Solution: Our desired outcome is to bring to awareness the underlying factors such as beliefs and behaviors that don't serve our trading success. Once we can understand these systems we can then accept them, because they were created for us with a positive intent. Once we understand the positive intent, then we can work from that platform of understanding to improve our trading behaviors and clarify our goals.

Lesson 5: Measuring What Matters

Problem: Most traders don’t know how to focus on what really matters and measure their efforts towards success. Measuring allows you to see visually your progress towards trading mastery -  you can identify critical areas that need more attention, so that you can focus your creativity on the changes that will support consistent results.

Solution: To enable you to easily ascertain the areas of change that are likely to produce the most effective behavioral and trading results.

How do we effectively track every facet of our trading behavior? That brings us to our Mind Metrics app below:

Mind Metrics

Mind Metrics provides advanced tracking and reporting of both your internal and external indicators of both failure and success.

Use the Mind Metrics data to build a step by step pathway to your trading success.

The Mind Metrics program has been created as a way for traders to begin to measure what matters.

As retail traders, our greatest edge lies in our ability to understand market activity and to make clear choices based on the information we are receiving.Yet on a day to day basis, our ability to see the market and to act on that information increases and decreases in ways that we are not aware of.

External and internal influences can affect our thoughts and emotions, and as a result, can have a profound impact on our decision-making process.

Through the use of Mind Metrics, you too can start to reduce these variables from your trading performance by tracking and eliminating hidden elements that have a negative impact on your trading.

Mind Metrics: Measuring what Matters

Lesson 1. Measuring the Mind: Issues, Intent and New Behaviors
Lesson 2. Commitments: Small Steps to Big Progress
Lesson 3. Foundations for Consistent Execution
Lesson 4. Measuring the Impact of your Mindset
Lesson 5. Start Lucrative Trading: Making Every Trade a Winner
Lesson 6. Analysis: Uncovering your Steps to Success 

Experience the power of making all your trades lucrative.

A lucrative trade that includes everything that is in your control. Imagine the weight that will be removed from your shoulders as each trade is lucrative. This can feel like a huge relief we experience when we lose a trade or series of trades. This revolutionary approach is measured in our Mind Metrics application.

Bring a Master Trader's Mindset to your day. 

The markets are complex adaptive systems and our brains add another layer of complexity. How do we cut through the noise in our brains to bring a consistent execution to our trading? By building the Master Trader's routine that quiets the brain and readies it for smooth execution. The Mind Metrics application helps you journal and build this routine.

Resolve the causes of deep seated trading mistakes. 

Our NEMES to Dreams lesson works with the models of neuroscience to uncover the deeply rooted causes that drive repeated trading behaviors that no longer serve us. This section will look at repeated mistakes and open a door to a new understanding that will be the foundation for change.

See your progress in an easy to use graphic.

Our Mind Metrics application will show you what trading issues and behaviors will deliver the most bang for your buck as you focus your attention on what really matters. Mind Metrics measures what matters in a visual graphic so you can chart both your issues and celebrate your progress. This application is yours to use with no monthly fees.

Guided Visualizations

Guided Visualizations

Use  the Guided Visualizations to build a Master Trader mindset on pathway to your trading success.

Sports professionals from football players and equestrians to motorcycle racers use guided visualizations to hone and perfect their performance.

These self-guided visualizations and hypnosis sessions quiet the mind for execution flow, bringing rapport and coordination to all parts of your mind. They invite you to that quiet state of being with the market that unleashes the power of your pattern recognition brain.

Guided visualizations show you the power of intentionally creating a master trader’s mindset, each targeted to moving away from emotional reactions, towards deliberate practice.

These audio recordings use the same peak performance processes that are used by Olympic and professional athletes to create the mental framework for victory.

"I especially enjoyed the “Space Between Thoughts" segment in the course and actually use it almost daily as a general meditation/ induction/ prep for trading. Many thanks as always and please keep me in mind and informed of any new offerings or ideas you might conjure up. The course was and is fantastic."

- J.C. Weiss

Lesson 1: An Introduction to Guided Visualizations

This section is here to give YOU the power to go into a deeply creative trance where you can integrate your goals, values and results with all parts of your self. This self-guided visualization will give you the experience of creating a safe receptive state of mind where you can begin to open the door to new behaviors that feel better in the moment, honor your values and get you to your goals.

Lesson 2: The Trading Temple

As traders, we can make money with little effort, we can have a profitable trade in a few minutes or hours and it isn't clear about the value we are delivering to others. In short, it can feel like we are cheating someone else. The "Trading Temple" is designed to give you a visceral sense of the value you deliver to the market place with every profitable trade.

Lesson 3: Master Trader's Home

Traders become so focused on their trading frustrations, struggles, mistakes and painful history, that they are not able to easily envision a wonderful state of mastery and success. One problem is that the trader needs to experience success before the reality of success. This lesson allows our survival brain to fully integrate and feel safe with success and allows us to solve our trading issues FROM the state of success, rather than from the state of struggle.

Lesson 4: From Loss and Pain to Trading Hero

Our brains are designed to deliver large amounts of pain when we experience loss. This pain can lead to a downward spiral of self-doubt and discouragement. As traders, a loss or series of losses trigger a downshift in our brains that feels real with no escape. The desired outcome of this guided visualization is to give you the experience of intense loss and then, intentionally, to step into your hero mindset.

Lesson 5: The Space Between Thoughts

The goal of this lesson is to be able to be fully present with ourselves, our physical sensations, our emotions and our thoughts as they come and go. At the same time, to be fully present to the market AS IT IS. To be able to tap into the powerful pattern recognition abilities of our brains without the distortions of our bias and mind traps.

Lesson 6: Trusting the Process, Honoring the Markets and My Heritage

This guided visualization invites you to release your trading stress and tension. It invites you to feel great about making profits with ease and enjoying the fruits of your labor. It gives you permission to both take care of your financial future and to manage the risk inherent in trading. It gives you the state of mind that lets go of emotional trading impulses and allow your strategies to play out. It finishes by honoring those who have worked to make our life and career possible.

"I am unable to wrap words around what happened in our session this morning. Thank you for a most amazing experience. The safety I felt to even go where the sensations led says much about who you are. Your compassion so genuine, I felt supported throughout. I thank you again for your attention, kindness and generosity. With much gratitude,"

- M.J.


10 Mini-Audio Seminars by Rich and Topstep

This was a project Rich did with Topstep, dealing with the issues traders face in their everyday trading.

There are 10 recordings in this series that you can download and listen to at the gym, while commuting, wherever you like.

1. Fear: As traders we fear losing money, and this fear intensifies every time we lose. Yes, there is a solution

2. Learning to Trade, From Start to Success: See my blog post on this subject!

3. Mental Aspects of Summer Trading: Trading during the summer months can present its own set of problems.

4. Mind Traps: There are 3 main trading biases which cause a great deal of loss to traders. You need to know how to avoid these.

5. Panic and Power: Panic part of our core survival strategy. In trading we create internal panic, questioning our trading ability and seeing ourselves failing. 

6. Pressure to make money: The driving need to be successful can translate into self-sabotage.

7. Process of Success: True transparency is important in order for you to successfully deal with your issues.

8. Roots of Evil:  Tools for handling fear and knee jerk responses.

9. Self Sabotage: This puts us on a dead-end road as traders.

10. Success and Destruction: Learn how to create success in your trading using the same powerful pattern recognition that allows new, profitable behaviors to be intentionally created.

Inner Circle Library - Rich's Private Resources List

Rich's personal reading list; plus videos, audio downloads and other useful items.

Imagine walking into a library with books, articles, magazines and videos stacked everywhere.

These are the best of the best. There are clear sections, but everything you pick up is the discovery of a gem. Everything in this library is here because it personally made a positive impact on Mind Muscles Academy founder Richard Friesen.

Sections include: Addiction, Brain Biases, Books that support your master trader expansion, Economics, Politics - Healing our Political Divide, Managing risk and reward, Mental Meta Structures and Thinking Processes, Sexuality and Relationships, Success, Trading Mistakes, Trading Fundamentals, Technicals and Strategy, Master Mind development, Transformation - Creating the life we want.


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