• Anna Coulling  Full time currency, commodities and equities trader, Anna Coulling has been been involved in both trading and investing for over fifteen years. Anna is a published author and writes daily on a wide variety of financial issues.
  • AlphaShark Trading  AlphaShark offers a Live Trading Room and a Premium Twitter Service as well as an Options Education and Mentorship program. The Trading Room provides 7 hours of market commentary each day to a diverse audience. One of their specialities is using unusual options activity as a technical analysis tool.
  • Erich Senft, CTA –  Erich is passionate about teaching support and resistance to the most un-championed and under-appreciated group of traders – the short funded and small spec trader. Erich publishes the popular CPR Morning Call and Big Weekend Edition; and authored the industry’s go-to Support and Resistance manual.
  • Fotis Trading Academy  PRO traders training programs that will transform you from where you are now to pro level trader in the shortest time possible.
  • Indicator Warehouse:  Every day, Indicator Warehouse helps day traders enhance their charting capabilities and make their trading experience easier and more profitable.
  • Jigsaw Trading:  provides tools for using Order Flow and free trader education.
  • Logical Signals: Long time friend and colleague Michael Filighera has a live trading room for a select group of traders. The Logical Signals trading room operates on principles closely aligned with those of the Mind Muscles™ Academy, including our cutting edge Mirror 2 Peer™ program.
  • NinjaTrader is the preferred active trader platform for traders worldwide for many reasons but one great reason is that you can get started with NinjaTrader™ for free. 
  • TopstepTrader: The Combine is a real-time, simulated account using any of 10+ preferred platforms. If you can follow the risk criteria and meet the profit target in the Combine, you are eligible to trade real capital in a funded account where you keep 80% of the profits.