Presents: WINNING MINDS Webinar

Tuesday, February 13th at 4:30 PM Eastern

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Hard Wired Reactions

Handling loss is the biggest single problem most independent traders face. We have analyzed over 1000 personality assessments and private coaching notes and this issue ranks at the top of all problems traders face. This is in a business where losses are even expected.

Why? Because we all share and operate from the same primitive parts of the human brain. These hard wired reactions saved our lives on the savannas of Africa and also create expensive reactions when trading.


The Trading Brain

This webinar will show you how the brain functions when in a losing trade and give you an exercise to “work around” our brain’s reaction to loss.


Exercise to Reframe Trading Loss

After the webinar, each trader will do an exercise that will allow them to reframe loss to avoid the costly triggers.

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