How to Build a Master Trader's mindset

Trading is one of the most challenging careers you can choose. Most traders lack the vision of a Master Trader's Mindset and a path to get there. Mind Muscles Academy helps you create a clear vision and a path to Master Trader Performance.

Confident in your strategy but you fail to execute it well

STEP 1 - USE OUR FREE RESOURCES: The Mind Muscles Academy has a lot of free resources you can make use of.

  • Pay attention to the MM Labs Newsletter. It will contain the latest blog posts, and any new webinars, events and even Beta Testing opportunities you could take advantage of.
  • There are blog posts, a library of resources, webinar recordings that cover a lot of ground.

STEP 2 - DOWNLOAD THE EBOOK: "Stop Fighting Your Brain" gives you an excellent introduction to the Mind Muscles Method along with exercises to get you started.

STEP 2 - TAKE THE COMPASS 2.0 TRADING COURSE: This is a comprehensive course for traders from all levels of experience to step into their Master Trader’s mindset. Learn how you can accomplish your trading goals by expanding your personal power and rapport with yourself and the market.

You will earn to replace reactive emotional trading with personal awareness, acceptance and new actions that support consistent execution which in turn results in growing consistent profits.

You will have a clear and concise plan that tell you exactly where you are going and precise steps that you need to take to get there.

STEP 5 - BE DILIGENT AND MOTIVATED IN YOUR STUDIES: You will have lifetime access to all of these items. Use that! Keep referring back to the course materials again and again. Get into the habit of updating your Mind Metrics with every trade.

COACHING: If you need coaching but are not ready for a private coach, then IMMERSE YOURSELF IN THE TOPSTEPTRADER AUDIO COACHING SEMINARS: 

I collaborated with TopstepTrader in a series of mini audio seminars on a variety of subjects important to emerging traders. There are 40 of these available right now, and over 100 still being processed. 

These files can be downloaded onto any device that can play Mp3 files. It's like having your own trading coach with you wherever you go. Go here to see the available titles in each set.


Trader's Compass trading course for experienced traders

Trader's Compass is an easy but comprehensive step by step blueprint to building a Master Trader's Mindset.


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