Are you ready for Bitcoin Futures and Options?

Bitcoin Futures and Options: Trading the Hype!

Bitcoin futures and options are arriving at your broker as soon as this year. The CME – Chicago Mercantile Exchange – is planning to list Bitcoin futures and the CBOE – Chicago Board

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Trading the Dream

Trading the Dream: Hype, Hope or Harmony?

Trading the Dream: Are we addicted to the fantasy? Many of us come to trading because it has the potential of fulfilling our dreams. Trading does not require the approval of our parents, family or community.

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Imagine your success as a trader!

Can You Imagine Your Trading Success?

If you can’t imagine your success as a trader, fully, completely and with joy, success is difficult to achieve. Can you describe yourself and your life as a successful trader? Having worked with

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Trader self awareness

Confirmed: Self-Awareness is vital for successful trading

The “Golden Keys” are the primary learning path for traders at the Mind Muscles Academy. These keys are: Awareness Acceptance Action Our emphasis on self-awareness starts with our physiology, or

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More discipline often doesn't work

Effort: The Best Model for a Trading Coach

What? A trading coach requires effort? Effective learning comes with effort. It turns out from the advances in neuroscience, that the most effective learning process comes with effort. That’s right,

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How Kim created a trading process using past life experiences

Trader Case Study: How Kim Brought Process to Trading

When I was a commodity broker for Merrill Lynch (yeah, over 3 decades ago), my clients who lost the most money tended to be doctors and lawyers. This is because they were so used to having the power to

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You can't solve irrational trading behaviors with your rational mind

You Can’t Solve Irrational Trading Behaviors with Your Rational Mind

You can’t solve your irrational trading behaviors with your rational mind! When we deviate from our trading plan or our carefully constructed intuitive and discretionary trading processes, we do so not

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The words your trading coach uses matter

The Mental Game of Trader Training: Words Matter

The first thing to do when looking for a trading coach is to eliminate the trading coaches that are less likely to be helpful. The first thing to be aware of is the language that the trading coach uses.

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Angry man Bob self awareness

Self-Awareness Exercise

Story: Bob walked the meeting with a vague sense that something was wrong. He had not slept well the night before and Stephen, his rival for CEO in another division, had set up the participants and the

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trading on the roller coaster of joy and despair

How most traders fail: The roller coaster of hope and despair

Yes, most traders fail to realize their dreams. Yet most traders continue to try harder doing what they have been doing. Although it doesn’t seem rational, we as humans with our human brains continue

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