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An Enlightening Private Conversation with MONEY! – L. Scott Ferguson of Time To Shine Today podcast interviews coach, author and speaker Richard Friesen.

L. Scott Ferguson is a Mental Conditioning Coach, a Lifestyle Optimization Artist (fancy term for ‘Life Coach’), a Relationship Creator, Micro Influencer and the host of the award winning Time To Shine Today Podcast. His mission is to NOT have ANYONE feel like they have NO-ONE.

Scott has figured out, through being coached and actively Leveling UP others that: Everyone knows what they want, but do not know how to talk themselves into it. And through powerful transformational conversations, Scott’s passion is to help YOU Level UP to your ULTIMATE human potential!

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"After 30 years in the financial world, trading on the floors of major exchanges, building a trading firm, as a therapist reviewing thousands of financial assessments, and coaching traders, financial professionals, and entrepreneurs in groups and private sessions, I realize that something is missing. My training as a therapist opens the door to the deeper drivers of financial and money behaviors that no longer serve us, yet we repeat them over and over again." - Rich Friesen

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"The more certificates of appreciation that you collect honestly by delivering value, the more value you have delivered to the world."

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