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Customer trading losses are one of the biggest challenges many brokerage firms, trading platforms, and strategy and indicator services face.

Traders purchase great products from you and still manage to lose significant percentages of their trading capital. This creates continual customer turnover and increased reputational and marketing costs for your firm.

Hello, I am Richard Friesen, creator of the Mind Muscles™ for Traders programs. I have been improving the skills of traders since I traded on the floors of the CME, CBOT and the options floor of the Pacific Exchange where I was also an exchange director.  At no cost or risk to you, the “Mind Muscles™ for Traders” free webinars and courses supply the behavioral changes that traders need to use your products successfully. 

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We Deliver Personal Value That Supports Your Technology Value

At Mind Muscles™ for Traders Training, we focus on behavioral change using recent discoveries in neuroscience. Most day trading psychology courses just tell the trader to “be more disciplined,” which fails time after time. Your traders can discover the mental and emotional processes that are causing losses and learn how to build Mind Muscles™ that improve trading results.

You Can Watch As Your Clients Make Progress With Mind Metrics

We improve what we measure, and we measure what matters. We take the major issues traders face and document their progress in our membership courses, which allows them to track and focus on the areas that need the most improvement. This way we can follow up on our motto, “No trader left behind.”.

If Your Customer’s Trading Success Matters, We Should Talk.

We give you and your clients and prospects the opportunity to improve their state of mind with free educational, no-hype training webinars. If you want to expand the depth of your educational outreach, we can provide a number of webinars that can make a difference to trading success.

We expand your revenue with commissions that you would not otherwise receive and create happy clients at the same time. As your customers recognize the value of the free training webinars and want additional support, you will receive generous referral fees for each client we engage. We take care of all the details and user support so that this revenue does not come with additional resource requirements.

Adam Halpern comments on Mind Muscles Affiliate program

Adam Halpern - CEO Indicator Warehouse

"The quality of the Mind Muscles for Traders training added a new dimension and additional depth to our trading systems and technical indicator offerings. Pairing Indicator Warehouse's technical systems and Mind Muscles' psychological training brought clear and demonstrative value to our clientele. The relationship enables us to maintain longer term customers, experience less turnover and increase our brand value. In addition, Mind Muscles' generous partner commission plan has resulted in significant additional revenue for the company. What's not to like?" 

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