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About the Mind Muscles Mission: a Master Trader Mindset

Our current model of personal transformation

If there is one word that represents the Mind Muscles Mission…it is “rapport.” What I mean by rapport is a close and harmonious relationship with all parts of ourselves, our work, our families and with our larger communities. I invite our readers, video viewers, students and clients to create the master trader’s mindset that operates from the highest level of experience.

We replace reactive emotional beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve us with personal awareness, acceptance and new actions that support consistent productive behaviors and expanding successes.

To continually step into our higher selves we have created a time tested map.

1. Golden Keys. These keys create the foundation for behavioral change:

* Awareness
* Acceptance
* Activating new behaviors.

2. Choices that feel better

In our years of experience, positive change is thwarted by the application of forced discipline. It is supported by creating frameworks where, in the moment, we are able to create experiences that feel better, honor our values and get us to our goals.

The Mind Muscles Academy builds exercises and simulations for clients and students that allow each of them to experience new choices that can expand their world.

We can continually expand these new experiences that work for us by building confidence, in the core of our identity, in our ability to thrive on change and continually testing our world for better experiences and outcomes.

3. Group support

Our very humanity is built on our cultural contexts and this power can be harnessed with support groups that can only conceive of each of us as a success. From that state, we then rise up to meet the expectations of those who are delighted by the best of ourselves.

4. This magical moment

Everything only happens in the moment of now. All the discussions and learning are only valuable if they can positively impact what is happening right now.

Because of this, our focus is on the “now” moment of experience that includes the current state of our physiology, our emotions, and the quality of our thoughts.

This approach is applied to our courses, group sessions and private coaching.

No matter what class, course or experience you choose, our work together tends to impact our lives in general for the betterment of ourselves and our communities.