Rich has been interviewed on the following radio shows across the nation.

Listen now as he is grilled on money, meaning and success!

The Jim Bohannon Show

Jim Bohannon is best known for hosting the nationally syndicated late night radio talk show The Jim Bohannon Show on the Westwood One Network. Bohannon has been included numerous times in Talkers magazine's annual "Heavy 100" picks of "The 100 Most Important Radio Talk Show Hosts in America", inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2003, and in 2013 was the recipient of Talkers Lifetime Achievement Award. In December 2021, Bohannon was announced as an inductee into the NAB's Broadcasting Hall of Fame. Jim and Rich discuss getting out from under holiday debt.

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A picture of Frankie Boyer along with her Biz Talk Radio logo

The Frankie Boyer Show!

Frankie's energy and enthusiasm is hard to resist! Rich and Frankie have yet another discussion on money and wealth. Frankie asks the GOOD hard questions that challenge her guests, and Rich is no exception.

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"Morning on Maine Street" with Bill Maine

Bill and Rich discuss how financial worries can be debilitating. Rich gave the listeners an exercise they can do that reduces the negative impact of worrying. This exercise gives voice to our worries and allows us to learn how to both step into our worries and most importantly, step out of our worry state of mind.

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The Nick Lugo Show on 

Nick studies the success tactics, practices, and principles of his favorite achievers. Learn what they did and how they did it, right here on The Nick Lugo Show.

Interview Summary:

On The Nick Lugo Show, Rich talks about his new book, A Conversation with Money, where he tries to understand a proper relationship with money. He explains how to avoid being controlled by it, to avoid being its slave, and to avoid feeling guilt about having money. He digs into Nick's brain, to understand his relationship with money too (It was pretty weird). This will be great for young business students, trying to figure out how to build a career.

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Mike Mullaney on WWBX-FM New England Lifestyles

Each week from 6:00am to 7:00am, Mike Mullaney talks to the people making a difference in the community. From spotlighting non-profits making an impact in our neighborhood to speaking to celebrities lending their voice to local efforts, Mix helps spread the word on those working for positive change and ways you can get involved with those efforts.

Interview Summary:

Rich and Mike talk about our spending habits and the deeper drivers of the behaviors that no longer serve us. Mike gave an example of how he changed his own financial behaviors because of his relationship with his wife. Does change come slowly or quickly? Rich admitted that positive changes for himself came very slowly, one drip at a time.

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Ken Broo

Ken Broo, host of Sunday Morning Sports Talk on 700 WLW-AM, interviews Rich Friesen. Ken and Rich discuss our debt culture and how this has shifted over the last two generations. What drives impulse buying and debt? What cultural beliefs have shifted? How do our beliefs and human needs drive our spending behaviors?

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The Franke Boyer Show

You just never know what is going to happen next on The Frankie Boyer show! Frankie enthusiastically brings an amazingly eclectic mix to the airwaves. She is fearless, willing to tackle topics that are current and controversial, timely and important - no holds barred! 

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The Answer with Gordon Griffin KSKY 92.9 FM

Gordon and Rich discuss relationships, gratitude and certificates of appreciation.

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Rick Dayton on KDKA 100.1 FM

Rick Dayton brings his journalistic expertise to KDKA Radio every weekday afternoon. A 30-year veteran of broadcast journalism, Rick is an insightful interviewer and a beloved Pittsburgh personality.

Rick and Rich discuss CNBC reporting that consumers charged their way back into credit card debt this holiday season, and now that the joy of giving is gone, the dread over looming bills is hitting hard. How can you turn this money-negative mindset around? What are the keys to developing a money-positive mindset and how will that change your fortunes? What financial behaviors will keep you living paycheck to paycheck? Which money habits can get you out of debt, and how quickly can you make the shift?

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Dr. Anita Vallens on KPFK 90.7 FM

For over 25 years, Dr. Nita Vallens has used her intuition, creativity and humor to assist people with life transformations. She helps people develop deeply meaningful relationships, break old patterns and create both personal and professional visions for their future. Dr Vallens and Rich discuss money changes, advice for preparing for 2022 and what they see ahead for the economy. They also talk about the psychology of money and how our mindset keeps us stuck.

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