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Are you ready to eliminate these costly trading mistakes?

  • Cutting your winners short ?
  • Letting big losses run ?
  • Not trusting yourself ?
  • Fear of Missing Out ?
  • Fear of Taking Losses ?
  • Revenge Trading ?
  • Over trading ?
  • System Jumping ?
  • Self Sabotage?
  • Feeling Stuck ?
  • Lacking Confidence ?


I’m Ready , Show Me How!

Imagine effortless trading that produces real results.

Utilizing the same tools and techniques that I used for myself and my team of traders, you too can learn how to cultivate the mind of a master trader. Using the brain’s unique programming language, you will learn how to create the sensations, emotions and thought-patterns you need to create the effortless, long lasting change you need to reach the profit goals you desire!

This is the path to success. When trading your plan becomes effortless, you will have already won more than 90% of the battle.

Here is what you will experience in this free training program.


Introduction to Mind Muscles

Discover the power of NEMES and learn how to identify the patterns that are holding your profits back.

Discover Mind Metrics

Quantify your natural strengths and weaknesses and find out how to use them both to your advantage.

Replace Trading Habits

Learn how to replace the
reactions you do not want to have with beneficial habits that serve your trading.

  • Start Solving the Right Problems!

    Measure what really matters to create the results you want.

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Discipline is not the answer!

“When you have developed the proper mind muscles, trading can be pure pleasure. Our innate aversion to risk can be disconnected from the act of trading and replaced with feelings of confidence, serenity and pride. This is the path to masterful trading. This is the path to success.”

— Richard Friesen

All the pieces have finally come together for me , my trading has been without pressure , most enjoyable and I am making money consistently.

- Peters Stella

I’ve had one of the biggest two week periods I’ve had in a long time and much of it is due to the techniques you introduced to me. A mighty big bear hug from Tokyo.

- Steve Henderson , Australia

I can now relax when I don’t have clear signals to enter the market. As a result, most recently, I have had only profitable trading days.

- Erika Hegedus

“I would recommend it to anyone without hesitation, who are looking to improve their trading skills. Do yourself a favor, take the course!”

- Johanna Baars, St. Matre, France

“My profits in the first quarter have been much greater than previous quarters. I cannot thank him enough for such a gift.”

- John Brierley, Anacortes WA

“Through Mind Muscles I went from being a break even trader to a profitable one. I’m really looking forward to continuing to work with Rich.”

- David Hawthorne, New Zealand

Yes - I am ready!

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