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Time To Shine Today

An Enlightening Private Conversation with MONEY! – L. Scott Ferguson of Time To Shine Today podcast interviews coach, author and speaker Richard Friesen.L. Scott Ferguson is a Mental Conditioning

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Extreme Events: SVB and the Blindness of the Human Brain

How the blind spots in the human brain paved the way for the SVB fail, and how to prepare for the next black swan you can’t predict.“Antifragility is beyond resilience or robustness. The resilient

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Hard Questions and Pithy Answers

I was interviewed by Callum Lang and his Enterprize Zone on his podcast and then I was invited to post answers to challenging questions in 100 words or less. Turns out, short answers require more attention

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The Missing Piece of the Puzzle – A Trader’s Relationship with Money

What is wrong with self-help books?I just read a blog by L. Michael Hall who is one of the best commentators on the topic of personal development. It was titled “Why Self-Help Books Don’t Help.”

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The Coaching Client Experience

What does a coaching client experience? Lori sent me this description of our first session together, and graciously allowed me to share her experience. It occurred to me that other traders who are considering

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Stepping Into Power – Creating the Dream

Stepping Into Power – Creating the Dream

Stepping into power and success is like stepping into an alien world. Few of my clients realize what is required to step out of their reactive survival mechanisms. I have reviewed thousands of assessments

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Can a novice trader taken a tiny account and turned it into a sustainable and consistently profitable trading career?

The Toxic Trading Tragedy

Can an underfunded novice trader expect to be succesful? How the commitment and capital gap can crush your trading success “I have been trading for five years and struggling” “I repeat

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He had everything but success

He Had Everything But Success

He was upset. A former Mind Muscles Academy student called me out of the blue. I hadn’t heard from him for about six months. He was frustrated and angry.He had strategy clarity. With support of our Strategy

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Is your money thermostat set too low

Is Your Success Thermostat Set Too Low?

It never occurs to most traders that they may have a big problem with success. I have never had a new private client tell me that one of their biggest issues was handling financial success and wealth as

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How your relationship with money cansabotage your trading success

Money: How it sabotages your trading success

Live trading with real money changes our brain chemistry. Many traders have the experience of being able to trade successfully in a simulated or demo account. However, when they start trading live something

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