Stepping Into Power – Creating the Dream

Stepping Into Power – Creating the Dream

Stepping into power and success is like stepping into an alien world. Few of my clients realize what is required to step out of their reactive survival mechanisms. I have reviewed thousands of assessments that measure the different mindset and behavior aspects required for success.

Something is very wrong. Less than 5% of assessments reveal the necessary mindset and consistent processes and behaviors required to step into power and success. However, 95% of the assessments show a total commitment to success.

Our survival mechanisms require the struggle they know they can survive. This sounds so strange that if you are reading this for the first time it will not make any sense. Our survival mechanism was created for us to survive our early challenges, trauma, and fears when we believed that we didn’t have any power or other options in our life. To the survival mechanism, this is not just a preference, it is black-and-white, live or die.

I still discover this in my own life. I still find times when I retreat into my protective shell and repeat patterns from my childhood. I know I can survive even the biggest challenges from the position of retreat, withdrawal, and the belief I don’t need anyone else. From this state, I create totally fabricated movies to justify my reactions.

My clients discover this process with self-sabotage. For my professional money managers and active traders, this shows up in a pattern of steady gains over time and then sudden cataclysmic losses. For my entrepreneurs, this pattern takes more time but can show up with destructive decisions at major turning points in the business, such as a sale.

I discovered this for myself when I created an Internet exchange during boom. At a critical juncture, my venture capitalists offered to purchase a significant amount of stock from me. That amount of money would have changed my life and put me way outside of my comfort zone and my perceived survivability. My survival mechanism kicked in and discovered dozens of reasons why I should not do this.

A recent client is sabotaging the sale of her business. She had worked hard to create a business with the vision of selling it and becoming a full-time trader. The multi-million-dollar purchase is in the works. There is no rational reason to stop it but she is putting up barriers with the lawyers that could crash the deal. In our work together we are creating a new position, a new context, a new belief system that will allow her to proceed with the sale and more importantly, step into an identity of wealth and independence.

Success requires internal rapport. From the work I have done with the assessments, my private clients, and students, I have accepted the conclusion that we will sabotage our dreams if we are not able to fully and completely step into them and be in rapport with all voices, parts, and our survival mechanism.

You have repeated behaviors that no longer serve you? Do you have behaviors in your professional world, be it trading, business, or career, that don’t make any sense, but limit your success? Are you aware of unproductive behaviors as you are doing them in real-time – and yet you still don’t stop? Do you swear you will never repeat those behaviors again, and wake up the next morning regretting what you did?

Everything changes with a simple mindset adjustment. You don’t have to build concrete dams, skyscrapers, freeways, or even a small cottage to overcome behaviors that no longer serve you. It is simply a reframing of how you think about yourself, your beliefs which will then impact behaviors that serve you better.

This reframing can happen in minutes, hours, or just days. I have had clients who, in one session, realize that they are ready to step into the world of their dreams with rapport, joy, and power. Most of us, myself included, experience this as a much longer journey with incremental steps along the way.

Whatever your timeframe is to make progress, it’s okay.

I invite you to a private conversation with money.

Because money wealth and success is such a common theme among all my clients, I have written a book, “A Private Conversation With Money,” created an online course, and a community for Money-Positive people. I am also holding live online meetings to support my members and clients as they create the internal rapport to be able to fully and completely step into the world of their dreams.

Please join me on Thursday, September 9 at 4:30 PM ET Learn what it is like to live in a Money-Positive community. You can register here.

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