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Measure What Matters – Part 2 Lucrative Trades

I know that many of you think that I must be crazy to make the claim that 100% of all your trades can be lucrative. We do this by defining lucrative in a way that you can control each and every trade,

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Picture of old Japanese mask used in theatre

How can IMPROV improve your Trading?

Introduction to Improv Improvement for TradersImprove your trading with improv! Are you embarrassed by your mistakes? Can you react quickly without analysis paralysis? Are you able to reprogram habituated

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Photos of Faina, Louise and Rich on the cover image of Trading Games for Profit

Trading Games for Profit

How to change hope and dreams into great trade execution In this podcast episode Faina, Louise and Rich explore Trading Games for Profit. This concept utilizes three games that can reveal hidden motivations

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Image of Faina and Louise of Trading in the ZEN Podcast

Rich talks to Trading in the ZEN about Trader Psychology and Mindset

Faina and Louise from Trading in the Zen Podcast discuss trading psychology and trader mindset with Rich FriesenHosted by Louise Nonweiler and Faina Vitebsky, the Trading in the ZEN podcast was created

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Your Past Trading Mistakes Will Persist in the New Year

Yes, your persistent trading mistakes that dogged you last year will persist this year. For those of you who know me well, this headline probably gave you a big jolt. My trading methodology and coaching

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Image of 2 Bulls in a China Shop Trade Runner logo

Episode 3 of the 2 Bulls in a China Shop Trade Runner Podcast

In the third installment of our limited series, the topic of discussion is on persistent trading mistakes. Join us as we learn how to identify those mistakes, determine their positive intent and ultimately,

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Image of roadsign with question mark on a maze

Hard Questions and Pithy Answers

I was interviewed by Callum Lang and his Enterprize Zone on his podcast and then I was invited to post answers to challenging questions in 100 words or less. Turns out, short answers require more attention

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Risk Reward Ratios and Your Emotional Sweet Spot

How do I learn from my clients? Sometimes the best psychological trading concepts are clarified in a conversation with my private coaching clients. This is especially true when we are struggling with

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The Crypto Craze and Cocky Confidence

My sleep was interrupted by the ring from my personal cell phone. A client who had several million dollars invested in cryptos was in a panic. This was followed by a second call from another client in

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Photo of rose combed rooster, typifying a Cocky Clanger

The Cocky Clanger | Mind Muscles™ Academy Practice Guide

Mind Muscles™ Academy Practice GuideMind Adventure: Create Your Personal “Cocky Clanger” to stay Confident and not CockyProblem: Hubris (Overconfidence)Desired Outcome: Awareness and neutralizationMind

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Man yawning out of boredom

Boredom – a good way to sabotage your trading career

How to turn the most powerful attribute of an independent trader into the most profit-draining behavior. This is one of our Mind Muscles Moments, which is a very laser-targeted piece talking about a critical

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Graphic showing the The Circle of Confidence progression

Circle of Confidence

“An awareness of the Confidence Cycle in and of itself makes the journey faster and easier.” -Richard Friesen I started my career in the financial market as a futures broker at Merrill Lynch. I had

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Doubling down on desperation image shows a pair of dice.

Doubling Down in Desperation

Here is a list of reactions to a losing position.Before you read them, I want you to do a quick check of your physiology, emotions, and thoughts. And as you read these, notice any changes as you recognize

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Image showing the response to forcing ourselves to behave!

Levels of Change and Persistent Trading Mistakes

You know what to do and in the heat of the moment, something happens. Not a little something, but a big something. Not a one time something but a repeated something. Not a controllable something, but an

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Trading and investing craze in full swing

The Trading and Investing Craze

Online trading by new and younger traders and investors has exploded! This could not be predicted nor expected.Last week my most wonderful brother called me about investing in silver.He heard it was going

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Pandemic, panic and peace. How to make the most of an unavoidable event

Pandemic, Panic and Peace

Panic…our brains were created to look for threats on the savannas of Africa. Our brains evolved before the internet when threats to our lives were very immediate and real. However, our evolution

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Pandemic panic prevention through creativity in chaos.

Pandemic Panic Prevention

Your environment is designed to put you in a state of panic. The entire world is gearing up to stimulate your fears. Newspapers, TV news, politicians, magazines, online blogs and social media all gain

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Extreme Events - getting your brain ready for Black Sawns

Extreme Events: Preparing Your Brain for Black Swans

“Antifragility is beyond resilience or robustness. The resilient resists shocks and stays the same; the antifragile gets better.”Nassim Nicholas Taleb from “Antifragile” bookNassim Taleb in

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He had everything but success

He Had Everything But Success

He was upset. A former Mind Muscles Academy student called me out of the blue. I hadn’t heard from him for about six months. He was frustrated and angry.He had strategy clarity. With support of our Strategy

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Cartoon picture of a lazy brain reclining on a couch

Trading Behaviors: How to Outwit a Lazy Brain

Why is it so hard to break old trading habits that no longer serve us? Why do we as traders wake up the next morning and regret making trading mistakes that are so persistent, that we repeat them over

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