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Caged context

Do you have the courage to create a new context?

What kind of world has my coaching student created? When a trader first comes for coaching, I watch for the “meta-structures” he or she has in place. What do I mean? I ask myself:* What “factual”

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Pithy Trading Psychology Precepts

Pithy Precepts of Trading Psychology

Over the years I have created and collected the following pithy “precepts.” These precepts are trading and investing guidelines that give a compass heading to trading integrity. I offer them

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Learning to trade - from the start right up to your success

Learning to Trade: From Start to Success

Learning to Trade From Start to Success Most of us traders are hoping for that magical “breakthrough” that will give us confidence in our trading and bring us to immediate, consistent profits. We look

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Trading breakdown image by Mitchell Luo from Unsplash

Where Does Your Trading of the Markets Break Down?

Where do your trading behaviors break down? … and what steps can you take to get to your goals? I will give you a link to a great download to help you do this. Alright,… let’s get started. Trading

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