Photos of Faina, Louise and Rich on the cover image of Trading Games for Profit

Trading Games for Profit

How to change hope and dreams into great trade execution

In this podcast episode Faina, Louise and Rich explore Trading Games for Profit. This concept utilizes three games that can reveal hidden motivations in trading that sabotage our consistent profits. 

  1. The first game is an awareness game that allows each trader to see a graphic display of the emotional intensity invested in winning and losing. 
  2. The second game is a prediction game which measures the specific emotions under trading pressure. 
  3. The third game is played by the participant on their own after the webinar completion. This game we call the “Lucrative Trading Game” allows the trader to reframe “winning and losing” to allow for an emotional response that serves us better and doesn't immediately put us at a disadvantage.

Often in trading we don’t realize how much physiological and emotional energy we have tied up in the success or failure of an individual trade.

These games increase our awareness and gives us practice shifting our satisfaction to executing a statistical edge.

You can watch below or on Youtube.

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