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Episode 3 of the 2 Bulls in a China Shop Trade Runner Podcast

In the third installment of our limited series, the topic of discussion is on persistent trading mistakes. Join us as we learn how to identify those mistakes, determine their positive intent and ultimately, positively change those behaviors to benefit our trading.

Do you repeat the same trading mistake time and time again? Do you swear you will never have that reaction again…only to repeat it in the heat of the moment? And then listen to that critical voice in your head scolding you for your behavior?

What if you understood how the brain creates repeated trading errors and how you can create an exercise to make more intentional trading decisions? This episode will demonstrate the neuroscience of brain activity and how repeated trading behaviors are created. You will experience an exercise in neural programming that will give you a new way to manage your trading reactions.

Episode 3 has been posted! You can listen at the link below.

Homework Assignment for Episode 3:

  1. Make all persistent trading mistakes their own strategy, and then track their results.
  2. Generalize the positive intent of those behaviors that do not serve our trading.
  3. The goal is to generate awareness of those behaviors, not judgement.

You can get more information about all the episodes here.

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