Image showing the response to forcing ourselves to behave!

Levels of Change and Persistent Trading Mistakes

You know what to do and in the heat of the moment, something happens. Not a little something, but a big something. Not a one time something but a repeated something. Not a controllable something, but an impulse that doesn’t feel like you.

We know the trading issues. With thousands of assessments of traders and their issues, my understanding of the many ways that traders sabotage themselves is pretty complete. Which of these issues do you recognize in your own trading?

Examples of negative trading behaviors shown in a picture

These are symptoms. “The problem is not the problem. Your attitude about the problem is the problem.” Jack Sparrow (fictitious pirate in “Pirates of the Caribbean”).

Treating symptoms is a recipe for repeating the same behaviors over and over again. If will power, discipline, and resolutions are failing, maybe, just maybe, the problem is deeper.

It feels like It is easier to continue to lose money or limit our profits than it is to remedy the cause. As a result, most traders who are dedicated to success will spend years and significant money buying new strategies, tweaking systems, finding new guru’s, changing time frames, and shifting asset classes.

Here is what is fascinating. If a trader has a template to uncover the cause of their trading constraints and learns how to increase awareness, acceptance, and step into new behaviors, the path isn’t that painful. In fact, for many traders is becomes a joy and a relief!

Here are the driving forces for trading behaviors.

Pyramid showing the driving forces of trading behavior

Our brains prefer to repeat the same behaviors and stay with the familiar. Our survival mechanisms know we can survive our current struggle. Thus, the current struggle, even if not successful is safer than success! I know you won’t believe this and I don’t expect you to. It is so contrary to what we believe that you think this is crazy. But, I have seen this process over and over again with my students and private clients.

So, how do we shift our attitude about the problem so Jack Sparrow would approve? First, we stop forcing ourselves to behave.

Image showing the response to forcing ourselves to behave!

Next, we build our real-time self-awareness skills. Using Mind Muscles S.E.T. exercises is an easy way to start and build this practice. Then, we accept what we discover without judgment. Finally, you can then ask what you really want. This question is answered from the discoveries of what is happening in real-time as you trade.

Now, it is building the skills and new habits that create the behaviors that serve you better. This process brings you into rapport with yourself and the markets.

Sound confusing? Sound overwhelming? Feel resistance?

Make it easy! What if, imagine what if, there were a step-by-step guide to creating new behaviors that not only feel better, honor who you are and your values, and also get you to your trading goals.

It just so happens…there is. First, find your biggest trade killer – take this Trader Test to establish where exactly you are right now in the important trader metrics. You need to know where you’re starting from in order to measure your progress. Once you have your score, we’ll show you a 5 step solution based on the areas covered in the Assessment.

Replace reactive, emotional trading with personal awareness, acceptance and new actions that support consistent execution, which in turn results in growing, consistent profits.

An innovative app to help you reduce the unhelpful variables from your trading performance by tracking and eliminating hidden elements that have a negative impact on your trading.

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