Neuroscience of Success

Neuroscience has better models for trader success

Neuroscience has better models for trading success

It turns out that neuroscience has models for change that work better for traders than what we have tried and failed on our own…because these models are built around how our brain sabotages our best laid plans.

From childhood on we have created patterns of behavior which are mirrored in the neural connections in our brains. We created these patterns of behavior (we call them Neuro Meta Structures or NEMES) as our best alternative when we didn’t have all the resources we have now. However, even though these old patterns no longer serve us, we still repeat them over and over again because those neural connections are “wired to be fired.” Neurons that “fire together, wire together.” What that means is that we repeat the same behaviors with when prompted by specific events. And after, we wonder why we did it.

It is not your fault!

Once we recognize that these behaviors that no longer serve us are simply neural patterns or NEMES, we can now create new patterns of responses and behaviors that feel better in the moment, support our values and get us to our goals.

Now, instead of trying to “discipline” ourselves or experience failure after failure, our much more interesting job is to simply create new neural patterns or “Mind Muscles™.”

How do we do this?

By understanding and experiencing how it feels in the moment to interrupt patterns of behaviors that no longer serve us AND how it feels to create new behaviors that feel better and serve our needs.

Next you actually experience the new behaviors. That’s right. It is that simple. The Mind Muscles™ courses create exercises, simulations and games that give you the opportunity to safely experience new behaviors and small step at a time. This gives you the opportunity to notice how much better these new behaviors feel than the old automated patterns they will be replacing.

As you develop the use of new models that feel better and get you to where you want to go, you will be tapping the creative and organizational parts of your brain.You will be surprised as your brain produces productive ideas and ways to accomplish them more efficiently.

It gets easier and easier

Each of these exercises is designed to create a new set of neural connections that become part of larger neural structures (or Mind Muscles™) that feel better and accomplish your goals. You become an expert in your own behavioral changes. Once you experience how good it feels to create new behaviors, you each successive change will come easier and easier and you create process for change.