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The Master Trader’s Home

Guided Visualization: The Master Trader’s Home

When a trader comes to me for private coaching, it is natural for them to tell me all the trading issues that they deal with. After this is complete, I will ask them what they want instead. Very often, they will again tell me about the issues they DON’T want. It often takes some encouragement to start to get clarity about what we DO want.

This guided visualization helps you design the state of mind of yourself as a Master Trader. It allows you to sense, to feel and become consciously aware of your highest self as a Master Trader.

It allows you to compare your current experience as a trader to the new experience you create in the guided meditation.

Please allow 45 minutes of uninterrupted quiet. Turn off everything that beeps and buzzes. Then, get yourself comfortable, with your head fully supported and your body available for some deep breathing.

If at anytime you don’t feel comfortable with the visualization, you can allow the voice to continue without your participation. However, I encourage you to fully engage and experience your Master Trader’s mindset.

$49 – Download this Guided Visualization
One time payment of $49.00

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