Repeating the same unprofitable behaviors over and over again will continue to give you the same unprofitable results.

Stop fighting your brain
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Get the tools to radically change the relationship you have with your trading and the results you're getting as a consequence.

Stop Fighting Your Brain

This is the same method I used to train my floor traders, who went on to make my trading firm one of the most consistently profitable on the Pacific Exchange.

  • Do you make impulse trades?
  • Do you lack confidence as a trader?
  • Do you miss great trades?
  • Are you fearful of pulling the trigger?
  • Do you have trouble executing your trading plan?
  • Do you cut your winners short?
  • Do you often move stops to give a trade "breathing room"?
  • Do you second guess your decision to get in or out of a trade?
  • Do you get angry when you lose money on a trade?
  • Do you revenge trade?
  • Do you chase the markets?
  • Do you jump from trading system to trading system?
  • Do you beat yourself up for not being disciplined enough?
  • Do you repeat the same trading errors over and over again?

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"Stop Fighting Your Brain" is a guide to building a trader's brain that was designed as a companion for Mind Muscles™ for Traders courses.

This Manual contains everything you need to:

1. Understand WHY your trading is not as profitable as you'd like, and

2. Use the right tools at the right time to radically change the relationship you have with your trading, money, wealth and success... and the results you're getting as a consequence.

Full of case studies, actionable content and zero fluff, for the price of a decent meal you will learn how to replace your old destructive trading behaviors with new and more profitable ones that serve you better.

There is nothing available anywhere that is anything like the information contained in this publication, which is the basis of the same method I used to train the traders I employed in my own trading firm.

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Limited time only: $49

Although this was originally written for traders, the same timeless model applies to success and achieving your goals in any endeavor.