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Guided visualization Trading Temple

The Trading Temple

Guided Visualization: The Trading Temple

The traders who come to the Mind Muscles™ Academy for support and growth are really, really good people. They care about themselves, their community and making the world a better place. However, subconsciously, because of their goodness, there are often parts of themselves that aren’t comfortable with creating wealth as a trader. It just doesn’t fit all the moral expectations of hard work that are part of our growing up.

This guided visualization speaks of the reverence we can have with our chosen career as trader. It frees us up to be both good people AND successful traders.

Please allow 40 minutes of uninterrupted quiet. Turn of everything that beeps and buzzes. Then, get yourself comfortable, with your head fully supported and your body available for some deep breathing. If at any time you don’t feel comfortable with the visualization, you can allow the voice to continue without your participation. However, I encourage you to fully engage and experience your Trading Temple.
$29 – Download this Guided Visualization

One time payment: $29