Your secret trading computer

Amazing Super Secret Trading Computer Only You Can Access

If you type “secret trading strategy” into the Google search engine, you will receive over 10 million returns.

So, why is it that marketers use the word secret when in fact they are flogging it to everyone in the world on the Internet? Because it works. We all want to be part of the secret. We all want to be part of a special group.

So now that I have your attention, what is this amazing super secret trading computer that only you can access?

I will give you some clues.

First, it was developed in its current form about 50,000 years ago. And that is before Intel and Microsoft were born by just a little bit. This amazing computer was programmed over thousands of years in a complex adaptive system that created continuous feedback loops that performed much like self learning artificial intelligence that we know today.

This supersecret trading computer is only available to you.

Or at least, your own personal version of it.

And if you haven’t guessed it by now, it is your brain.

Your brain is a remarkable pattern recognition, filtering, sorting, compressing, and distorting machine. It can take trillions of bits of information and turned them into digestible patterns, pictures and concepts.

This remarkable machine is able to look at trading activity and create patterns of behaviors that are repeatable and tradeable.

However this remarkable secret trading computer comes with some software bugs and flaws.

In order to manage the overwhelming amount information coming into it, it has to delete, distort, and generalize this massive amount of information in order to make it useful. This process of deletion, distortion and generalization means that we aren’t accessing reality directly, which we can never do.

It simply means that we are creating maps and models of the world. Concurrently, we are creating beliefs about ourselves and the world and how we interact with it.

This belief system then returns its process to a continuous feedback loop with the distorted information in order to support the beliefs that we have created about ourselves and the world.

What next?

So, we have this amazing pattern recognition machine that can not only make trillions of computations a day, but also comes with biases that do not serve us as traders.

On one hand we have a powerful machine, and the other hand it is deeply flawed.

So what can we do? At the mind muscles Academy, we create software patches and develop new processes that create maps and models of the world that serve us better as traders.

We can create new subroutines in this amazing computer by creating new neural connections that create new ways to perceive market activity and create actionable behaviors with improved maps and models of the world of markets.

The process for doing this is what we call the Golden Keys.

In order to shift a subroutine with its biases, we first need to be aware of it.

Awareness thus is the first golden key. At Mind Muscles, we break down the process of awareness into three parts to make it easier to bring our internal state into awareness.

  1. First, we check our physiology and our sensations.
  2. Secondly, we focus on our emotions and feelings.
  3. And finally, we look at the quality of the thoughts that are whizzing in and out of our head.

Next is acceptance.

This means that we aren’t fighting our own brain. We simply treat behaviors that no longer serve us as unproductive subroutines left over in our brain. We no longer need to judge ourselves, we no longer need to berate ourselves, and we can end all shame and blame.

Once we understand there is no moral failure, we can move on to improving our maps and models of the world with less stress and self judgment.

Finally, we can decide, with intention, to create new behaviors that serve us better.

This is the final golden key, Action. This intention can then be measured and celebrated as we make progress.

At Mind Muscles, we use our Mind Metrics application. But you can use a spreadsheet or any other device. Create your intentions, then measure the progress on a regular basis.

Needless to say, most of us, when we “try” to make these changes hit a wall.

Our old patterns are very powerful and often connected to our survival mechanisms. They simply do not want to change and take any risks. So this is where it is very helpful to step into a program that already knows that you are successful.

A community that works from the ground of being that you are in fact a successful trader already. From that vantage point, we can then start to resolve the behaviors that no longer serve the trader.

As long as you are trying to resolve the software bugs by using the same software bugs, you end up “trying” but never accomplishing the new patterns of behavior that serve you better.

So here is the amazing supper secret trading computer that only you can access.

And I can say that this is a super secret even although I am publishing it on a blog that can be discovered by everyone. The reason this will remain a “secret” is that most traders in the world want a super secret trading strategy that doesn’t involve personal growth and change.

Most traders have already skimmed this blog and moved on. Most traders have already filtered out this information because they know that they are special and really don’t need to look at their own operating system.

I invite you to step into the Master Trader’s mindset.

So, if you are willing to step into a master traders mindset by becoming aware of your state of being, willing to accept those parts of yourself that don’t serve you well, and willing to set an intention to create new actions that do serve you better, then this secret is for you, and you alone.

Few others will be able to see it even though it is right in front of their eyes.