Pathways to Progress: Your Compass to consistent Profits

Pathways to Progress: Your Guide to Steady, Consistent Results

For over 25 years, I have watched both independent and professional traders flounder. It is the source of one of my biggest frustrations to see capable, intelligent and skillful traders spend thousands of dollars, years of hard work, and waste precious trading capital hitting all the dead ends that the human brain makes possible.

This is especially frustrating as a trading educator because these failures are not necessary!

Why do traders flounder?

Our brains are not designed for trading success. In fact, they are designed to reduce the risk of our death on the African Savanna. The very design that kept our human race viable, works against us as independent and professional traders. With my 25 years of experience as a commodity broker, floor trader, founder of a successful trading firm, trading coach, and trading educator, I have seen every dead end that a trader’s brain drags him or her down.

Here is a list of the major issues that create struggles for many traders.

  • Revenge trading
  • Hesitation in pulling the trigger for smooth execution
  • Letting losses grow or even adding to losing positions
  • Taking profits too quickly for trades that made a lot more
  • Lack of clear strategy creating hesitation when executing
  • Conflicting voices and indicators making smooth execution difficult
  • Lack of confidence in yourself, your abilities or your strategy
  • Giving your gains back with a few bad trades in a short period of time
  • Impulsive and emotional trading
  • Over trading
  • Analysis paralysis
  • Fear of missing out

How much do these dead-ends cost you?

Click this link to see how much these dead-ends can cost you.

If you don’t know where you are going, you aren’t going to get there. Many traders who start with the Mind Muscles™ Academy whether by taking a course, private coaching or participating in our online group sessions, often aren’t clear about the creation of a Master Trader’s mindset. For just a moment, forget all the trading issues and behaviors that keep you from your goals. Just consider being a Master Trader. Take a few moments to step into that mindset. Can you describe it? Do you know what it feels like? Do you know how to create that experience?

What if you had a map that marked all dead-end roads clearly? What if this map gave you an alternative path that points to new trading behaviors that support your trading goals? What difference would this make?

We know what successful traders do from years of training our own floor traders, coaching and thousands of assessments. You are unique in your personalities, skills, and trading behaviors. However, many of us can benefit from those that have gone on before us, and learn how they created a successful future for themselves.

We have created a map from multiple starting points that work. We have created Pathways to Progress from our experience with traders who fail and get stuck in the many dead ends, and traders who succeed and have created a Pathway to Progress for themselves.

  • How much trading experience do you have?
  • What are your trading capital limitations?
  • How clear is your trading methodology?
  • How consistent are your trade executions?

What if we had your own customized map? What if this map was tailored to take you from where you are to where you want to be? After 25 years of trading and training experience, we have created that map. Do you fit on any of these starting points?

There is a path to progress. This path does not include new indicators, platforms, asset classes, strategies, trading rooms or forums. This path is about you creating your Master Trader’s Mindset.

Please start with this guide and take the first step to identify where you are right now. You can then create the vision of the future and take the first step to make your dream real.

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