Picture of sucker fish representing trading strategies that suck

Trading Strategies That Suck

Suckerfish image by Abhishek R on Unsplash.com

If you can’t consistently execute your strategy, maybe it’s not your mindset. 

Did Richard Friesen, mindset trading coach, really just say that?

Yes, I did. You see, one of the biggest reasons why traders join our private coaching, our online courses and group meetings is that they say they don’t have confidence in their strategies. And sure enough, we have traders who have tested their strategies a thousand different ways and their strategies keep coming up very profitable. BUT…they have a set of fears that prevent consistent execution.

I love these traders because sometimes, working with their fears, they are off and running in a few weeks.

BUT…what about the traders whose strategies, well, to be blunt…suck?

Their strategies are not clear, they present big risks, they are complicated and have shifted so much with time it is hard to know if they are even profitable. We can work on the mindset issues until we are blue in the face, and wouldn’t make any difference. 

Trading strategies that suck will overcome a positive mindset every time.

So how do you overcome this? How do you develop and test a good trading strategy? How do you go from battling your trading strategy to confidently flowing with your strategy?

Glad you asked! Mind Muscles Academy has teamed up with strategy development specialist Rogerio Amado to present new training on strategy development within the Mind Muscles framework.

Watch a 4 minute video where Rich talks about a revolutionary new approach to trading strategy development that could help you achieve your goals much faster:

Watch Rogerio explain his method to achieving success and consistency in trading:


Have you struggled with strategy confidence and execution? Would information on strategy development from a Mind Muscles perspective be helpful to you? Check out more of Rogerio’s content here: Strategy Development Case Studies, etc.