Chart showing order flow analysis and how to read momentum and absorption

Trading Strategy Insights 5: Order Flow Analysis Part 2

Using order flow analysis to spot a market change in real time

Gold Futures Order Flow Trade on September 13, 2019

Hello! Hope your trading went really well this week. Rogerio Amado here, strategy and performance coach at the Mind Muscles Academy.

The theme for my Trading Strategy Insights series this week is how to use order flow analysis, more specifically the Jigsaw daytradr platform, to spot a market change in real time.

Every week I share one trading strategy insight, taking a real and recent market example and breaking it down into smaller chunks, so you can understand the logic behind my strategy and trade management. This week’s strategy insight focuses on how to read a momentum and absorption using order flow. *NOTE: Some, but not all, of these are posted on the Mind Muscles for Traders blog. However, ALL of them are posted into your student dashboard.

This is a continuation of my previous trade example on order flow. It’s a great example to show how we can use order flow to identify a change in market mood right when it happens.

So, let’s go to our trade explanation:

How to read momentum and absorption using order flow



This video was part of a recent live session on order flow analysis in the Strategy and Execution Workshop. I’m a strong believer that mixing different techniques, such as fundamentals, price action, and order flow is a key to success in trading. This is one of the skills we help traders develop at the Mind Muscles Academy.

I invite you to check our Strategy and Execution Workshop,
a unique hands-on live training program, done in small groups, in which participants learn the process of developing and testing trading strategies and then improving their trading execution through the use of exclusive tools that we provide at Mind Muscles for Traders.

I hope you learned something useful for your trading in this lesson. If you have any questions, please post them here or send me an email at
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